About Gunnhildr


In a Norse-inspired science-fiction world on the brink of collapse, she is the only one with the will and strength to save it… Gunnhildr is a FPS Rogue-Lite inspired by Norse Mythology, in which players assume the role of an exiled heroine. She leads a rebellion against the Elders of Niflheim, protecting its innocent citizens from Halite, the one natural resource that is both the planet’s salvation and destruction. Uncover the secrets of Niflheim as you journey through 4 distinct worlds with fast paced dynamic action, collecting ancient weapons and powerups, and building your rebellion to defeat The Primes.




  • Single Player FPS Rogue-Lite
  • Fast Paced, Skill Based Combat
  • 4 Weapon Types
  • Over 150 Power Ups
  • 4 Distinctly Different Procedurally Generated Environments
  • Narrative told through Replayability

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